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low price ceiling light knife heat sink 3w/5/w7/w9w/12w/15w/18w

Tuyun Light Co.,Ltd. found in 2008, we are a LED lighting manufacture,could supply both shells and complete lights, follow our clients demand.

FOB Price:
1000 Pieces
Monthly Capacity:
500000 Pieces
Payment Terms:
T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Cash


Item specifics


Delivery Detail:

Product Description

             diameter ,       heat sink high,      cutting hole,       power,   thickness,    price(fatroy price)
φ85mm,           25mm,               φ75mm,              3w,        2.5mm,      $1.71/pcs.
φ110mm,         30mm,               φ95mm,           5w/7w,      2.5mm,      $3.42/pcs
φ138mm,         30mm,               φ120mm,          9w/12w,    2.5mm,       $4.49/pcs

φ160mm,          35mm,              φ140mm,          15w/18w,     3mm,      $ 6.62/pcs.

All the price is fatory price, shell price, if you want to know the whole complete light price, please connect us.
Please add me on skype, SKYPE account, jennyhuang.1588413

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